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Welcome to Bollywood Screencaps!



BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER. Respect people's opinions and feelings. Absolutely no flaming or trolling allowed. If you have a problem with someone or something group related, please contact one of the Mods, who will handle the situation appropriately.

THIS COMMUNITY IS FOR SCREENCAPS ONLY. Do not post icons or other graphics. A screencap is an unaltered image captured from a video source. They are not resized, cropped, or otherwise adjusted, unless the adjustments improve the image's quality. For example: correcting brightness or contrast in an image that is too dark / cropping away the blackspace around a cap, usually from dvds in widescreen format / resizing an image to save hard drive/web space while keeping it's original aspect ratio. Join bollyicons for posting your icons and other graphics!

REQUESTS ARE ALLOWED. Please keep requests to a minimum and in one post if possible. Most of us have busy lives with school, work and/or family so please be considerate of that fact. Don't pester other members or post excessive requests.

CHECK THE MEMORIES BEFORE MAKING A REQUEST. Cap posts are filed in the memories section. Before making a request, check to see if what you want has already been posted. All entries are also tagged with the name of the movie and the major actor/actress pairings to make searching very easy.

ALL SCREENCAP POSTS SHOULD BE POSTED AS A NEW POST TO THE GROUP. When posting more than one movie/film title, please use a seperate post for each title. Don't post caps in comments to other posts. This will help keep our memories easy to search.

USE THE SUBJECT LINE. All screencap posts must have the film/video title in the subject line of the post. A mod will ask you to add the subject line once and then delete the post after 24 hours if you have not done so. No exceptions!

CAPS MUST BE ACCESSIBLE TO ALL MEMBERS. No linking to friends only posts and/or sites that require registration. If you want to share caps with us, they must be available to everyone. Individuals who do not follow this rule will be warned once and then their post will be deleted after 24 hours if uncorrected.

LJ-CUT IS YOUR FRIEND. Always use a lj-cut when posting sample caps, and dvd lists. For help with lj-cuts, please read the Livejournal FAQ.

DVD LISTS. DVD lists are to be posted to this community. In fact, we encourage them! If you have the ability to cap and the time to do so, please post your DVD list to the community! When posting a list, please be sure you have the time, webspace, and ability to fill any/all requests. Taking requests and not filling them isn't cool. Also, when requesting to a DVD list, please check the community memories first. No point in requesting something that's been done. All DVD lists will be archived in the memories.

SAMPLE CAPS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED. When posting a link to your off-list caps (for example, a photobucket folder), you may provide a Sample Cap behind a lj-cut if you wish. A small preview image outside of the cut is fine but please keep the size within about 500 x 500 so as not to distort other's layouts.

STAY ON-TOPIC. Please keep posts on-topic. This community is for topics directly related to screencaps. Any and all off-topic posts will be deleted. I want to try to keep this place as friendly as possible but please use common sense.

WARNINGS ARE ISSUED FOR RULE-BREAKING. If you receive more than 2 warnings from any Mod, you will be banned from posting to the community.

NO STICKY CAPS OR NETSPEAK. plz do not type like this. its hard 2 read & understand. thx. If English isn't your first language I understand that, but please make an effort to be understandable.

COMMENT AND CREDIT. If you want to use someone's caps, comment to their post and give them credit for their work. Screencapping takes a lot of time and patience, so please be considerate of that when using caps.

KEEP THIS G-RATED. This extends to both caps and icons alike. Nothing above a rating of "R" will be accepted due to possible age conflicts of members in this community. Posts with nude icons will also not be accepted. If any of your cap content includes nudity ( from an R movie or below ) or gore, put a warning with your post. This is obviously not such a big issue with Bollywood movies but just in case.

WATCH YOUR SPOILERS. When posting caps of movies, please be courteous and put all spoilers (things that would ruin the movie for someone who hadn't seen it) behind an lj-cut with a warning, including sample caps. Please also make sure the icons you post with contain no spoilers.

PROBLEMS? QUESTIONS? CONCERNS? WANT TO BE AN AFFILIATE? E-mail me at jessiesquash [at] livejournal [dot] com and I'll be happy to help! The banner below can be used for affiliates or to link us. Spread the word, we need members!


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Join. Cap. Enjoy. Thanks.

All graphics credited to thesassyturtle. Layout design thanks to pyaari. Rules adapted from cap_it.

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